Thursday, October 23, 2014


A little late but here are some photos from Saturday's LA STYLE FASHION WEEK! I headed over to the event with my best lady Chelsi & we had a great time. We got there with time to spare once again so how could we resist taking some photos on the red carpet?
I finally got to wear this amazing Skingraft piece I picked up at their moving sale the other week. Skingraft has such a distinct style and look to all of their pieces, just everything from them is incredible.
The shows started and we watched a good amount that night but especially loved the lingerie pieces in the GOGA by Gordana show! They were beautiful! I also really liked the way the makeup was done on the models in the Rosario show (first photos). Each model had a rich pop of color for their lipstick, and the models wearing white had snow white lips. It was stunning. 
Between shows we socialized with everyone...and also drank about 5 Monster energy drinks each.. Good decisions.
After the show was done, we went outside to the VIP area and had a few drinks and kicked it with our friends, discussing the collections we had seen & comparing notes: favorites, most basic, what was really out there, what made us want to puke... you know, fashion talk.

Top // Skingraft Designs
Skirt // American Apparel 
Shoes // Neo Boots by UNIF


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