Saturday, October 18, 2014


I was so excited when FIDM & Lux Lounge hooked me up with some fashion week tickets to cover on my blog! 
 I got tickets for Wednesday-Sunday, but unfortunately I wasn't feeling the best so I wasn't able to make it until Friday. Last night I went and had such an amazing time. The shows were supposed to start at 6:00 PM, & of course I was running late as usual trying to decide what to wear...oops. I finally made it over there around 7 & they were having a little set back so I had time to walk around and socialize before any of the shows.

When I got there, I checked in and got a Nicole Lee blogger gift bag. From there before walking into the event there was a red carpet. I stepped on for some photos & also ended up taking a couple with Brandon Howard! Right after the photos, I was interviewed on the carpet by Anton. I'm so bad with live video so that should be interesting to see the results..I also met more of his team who were doing interviews with people at the event all night. It was cool to be able to meet some really dope people right when I got there.

I got inside and walked around talking & networking, & really just looking around at the art & different booths. It was set up so nice! From there we started to line up for the shows. The pictures in this post were some of my favorite looks. I enjoyed Walter Mendez & Andre Soriano's shows the most. I even snuck up into the media stands to get some good photos for you guys :) Both of the designer's collections really stood out to me more than the other's I had saw earlier in the night. 

Overall I had an amazing time, just being in that environment gives me a rush! I have a lot to do the next day so I just went straight home last night to prepare for some events I'll be attending before Fashion Week on Saturday! ~~I can't wait to get back to you with pictures from it..I know it's gonna get crazy.

Alien Choker // Marina Fini
Crystal Necklace // Paola Loves To Shop
Kimono // Made by me
Faux Leather Pants // Topshop
Hellbounds // UNIF
Bag // Zara 

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