Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Alien shades, Alien babes
 summertime steeze

she's walking the streets of DTLA
you can't take your eyes off her
because you're curious
you want to know what she's about, where she's headed

she's got a plan
she's writing her own story
a book that she wants to read but hasn't been written
so today she is creating it herself
building her life exactly how she's always dreamed it to be

"focus on what makes you happy,
don't think about the things in life that bother you or bring you down, but instead the things that make you happier than you imagined.
focus on your work, your art, your passion
and dedicate your time to excel in what you love"

Another collaboration with my faves at MISSGUIDED, shop my whole look below! All the links are posted. Thank you Missguided again for the amazing pieces! Also a big thank you to ZERO GRAVITY for sending out this dope phone case to me, I'm obsessed with it. Check out their site as well for some rad cases! 

Alien Shades // The Cobra Shop
Yin Yang Choker // Vidakush
Faux Fur Vest // MISSGUIDED
Boyfriend Jeans // MISSGUIDED
Platforms // MISSGUIDED 
Backpack // MISSGUIDED 
Phone Case // ZERO GRAVITY