Saturday, March 1, 2014


Alien Crew~ 
Walking the streets in 6 inch velvet platforms.

Every person is a piece of art. All dressed in way that you can almost see inside their soul, see the parts of it they never show anyone. You get a look into their hearts, without even having to say a word with one another. It's a beautiful thing, we are all brought together by similar passions and dreams but all so very different at the same time.

Artists crowded in the gallery celebrating a movement.
Celebrating a vision somebody had and brought to life.
Supporting and respecting one another like we've known each other our whole lives.

Champaign in one hand while we dance to Mademoiselle Yulia.
Light up tutus and hot pink thigh high boots.
Mermaid hair and braids to the knees.
Platforms on everyone's feet, this is the norm here.
Fur in every direction you look.
This is the shit we live for.
Cameras flashing.
Letting go of everything on our minds and being right there, in that very moment. Breathe it in, look around and take in every bit of it.  


Sunnies // Wildfox Couture
Shirt // UNIF 
Hellbounds // UNIF 

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