Sunday, February 16, 2014


On top of Studio 6, 
Overlooking all of downtown LA.
 Creative minds brought together to make something iconic.
Watch your back, we're taking over the city of Los Angeles.

She lies on the edge of the building, not afraid. Taking deep breathes, finding a balance, she looks up into the blue sky. 
I'm right where I'm supposed to be, in this very moment. Everything I've gone through to get here was worth it. Every experience led me right here and now there's nothing that can stop me.

We venture through the Arts District in the afternoon, discovering a giant Ron English mural. The souls of different artists are spread across the walls, from top to bottom. Leaving the world images of their mind, hopes, goals and their dreams. Trying to leave behind an image of themselves, hoping the world will never forget them.


Sunnies // Wildfox 
Choker // Akira Chicago
Mesh Jacket // Nastygal
Top // Vintage
Joggers // Akira Chicago 
Shoes // UNIF Hellbounds

Monday, February 3, 2014


Come into the Factory House.
At the top of the hills, look out over the balcony you see nothing but opportunity. 
Artists from everywhere, different room different shoot.
All working to make our visions into reality.
We can't stop creating, creating, creating.....

Someone told me the other day, "Slow down and stop working so hard. Just relax for a minute and be able to put all of your focus on school. You don't need to overwork yourself and do a million things at once. Just slow down".

But there isn't time for "slowing down". There isn't time to take a break and do nothing. Why do nothing when you could be accomplishing all you want with some hard work? There isn't a second to waste because who knows what could've been in those minutes that were spent "relaxing"? 
Now is the time to work as hard as I can and take every single opportunity that comes my way, who knows what it could lead to.

Photos / Y.O! Photo

Sunnies / Wildfox Couture
Top / UNIF
Neo Boots / UNIF 
Jacket / Lush 
Choker / Akira Chicago
Pants / Jean Paul Gaultier (Thanks to Elizabeth Margulis Styling )