Monday, December 9, 2013


75 degrees in December. Forget about class.
 Velvet bellbottoms, this isn't the 70's.
Oversized vintage camel-colored coat, probably from my grandpa's closet.
Slip on the Jeffrey Campbell platforms, tower over the world. 

I only want to surround myself with people who inspire me in one way or another, people who lift me up and always keep me going.
People who aren't afraid to do their own thing regardless of what others tell them.  
No time for anything less than that. 
Let's create some art, something different. Something to hit society with. Something to turn heads and raise eyebrows, there's no fun in being like everyone else.

Blazer / Vintage
Bra / UNIF 
Fur Vest / H&M
Bellbottoms / Urban Outfitters 
Shoes / Jeffrey Campbell