Wednesday, October 9, 2013


On top of Chicago. 
Here come the dreamers. 
Poolside cigarette break.

She's got a Jeffrey Campbell walk and Stella McCartney eyes.
It's only Wednesday, but we pretend it's the weekend. Fall is arriving but she still puts on a beaded mini skirt; whatever. 

Get like us and let's sit on the top of this building and look down at the world we live in. Everything looks so peaceful and perfect and blissful from this level. If only life on the ground was the same. For now we feel like it is though and that's good enough to get us through the night. 

Photos / Robby Mueller
Styling / Elizabeth Margulis
HMUA / Mallory Antonino

Sunnies / Stella McCartney
Jacket / Scotch and Soda 
Shoes / Jeffrey Campbell

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