Saturday, September 28, 2013


Gold vintage skirt and oversized leather vest. Hot pink lipstick to kill. Messy hair, thirsty heart. Starbucks and cigarette in hand, ready to take over the night. 

She lays down on the wall, laughing up to the stars; trying to keep her balance and not fall over the side and off the rooftop parking lot. The rush though, it feels so good. Isn't it weird how putting ourselves in danger or at risk can lead to something almost like an excitement running through our veins? 

Sometimes we just need one thing, one tiny little thing to get us through. Just one thing and then we're okay.

Leaving lipstick stains and breaking hearts everywhere they go.
 A bystander saw them playing in the abandoned lot and never had he seen two people so alike. So full of bliss from just being around each other and creating an art they had fallen in love with. So motivated to turn their visions into reality. The world isn't ready for them. Everywhere they went, they set the streets on fire. 

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  1. obsessed with your blog. i adore the film type way you post. So refreshing!