Sunday, September 22, 2013


Fall in love with everything happening around you. 
Yacht party on a perfect summer day in Chicago. Can we stay here forever? This is paradise. Do we really deserve to be here? Champaign toasts and Lana Del Ray blasting through the speakers. Summertime Sadness. The girls all done up for the ride. We sit on top of the boat, cigarette in one hand and a cup of the best red wine we'll ever have in the other. We live in this moment and leave everything else behind. "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."

Laughing up to the sky, it's a total free fall. Free falling into this very moment. This perfect perfect moment that we want to stay in forever. Let go of anything that's bringing you down and fall into everything good. Whatever is bringing you happiness, hold onto it and focus on that. Bad vibes out, only the good ones in. 

We are all meeting for the first time but it feels like we were childhood friends. Finding people who have the same dreams as you and want to do something with their life. We all want to be a part of that world. Standing at the edge of the boat moving to the music, painting pictures in the air with the emerald green scarves moving against the wind. The girls laugh and joke in their bikinis, soaking up the hot summer sun. Bubblegum smiles and Lady Danger on the lips. This is paradise.

Photos// Vika Petlakhgraphy

Bikini top / H&M
Metallic button down / Vintage
Silver Chain / Akira
Denim Shorts / Self made