Thursday, August 15, 2013


We won't grow any older, summer days going by faster than we want them to. North Avenue here we come. Sneaking beers out of his backpack, laughing because we just don't care. The water's freezing but we run in screaming anyways. We lie down in the sand looking up into the clouds. What we will we make of ourselves? Who will we become? We know in five years we'll probably be right back here looking up and remembering this moment. We're still laughing, snacking on Sour Patch Kids and chips. Summer please never leave. Stay forever. We climb the lifeguard towers and sit at the top until the yell at us to come down. Don't ruin my vibe.  

Photos// Cole Pellock

Bathing  Suit// H&M
Sunnies// Wildfox
Mesh Top// Akira