Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wild Heart, Wild Soul

Wildfox and Purple Lips.
She's got her worn in shoes and girly socks. 
Hitting Camden Town. Spending hours in vintage shops, walls lined with furs and leather. 
She's a wild heart, a wild soul. 
She lives and breathes fashion, design, art.
Walking down the streets by the Camden Lock, everyone dressed to kill. Markets line the road up and down, people bargaining prices just to get that one perfect item in their closet. Smiles and excitement are everywhere as people walk with their new shopping bags, it's like Christmas everyday over there. 
Street musicians making crowds gather. 
Culture and color everywhere.
Every person so unique, not afraid to dress how they want and wear what they like, not caring about the stares the get from others passing by. 
It's a magical world, almost like going into a fantasy. 
Music, fashion, art, food; everything she could want.